New Generation Occupational Health &
Safety Software

Perfektive, which is being used by Turkey’s largest organizations, perfects your occupational health and safety processes with its features compatible with international standards and the EU legislation.

Why Perfektive?

What to consider when choosing an occupational health and safety software

Easy to Use

The ease of use of a software is above all else. It is the main and most determining factor. It improves efficiency and productivity of OHS professionals.

Easy to Set Up

An efficient OHS software is a software with data. Using our Excel upload feature, you can create thousands of records within a minute and start using Perfektive.

Holistic Approach to OHS

Occupational health and safety is not just about producing documents for regulatory compliance. Perfektive provides much more holistic approach to health and safety. It integrates different aspects of OHS and helps you to streamline core processes.

Customer Success Stories

See what our customers say about Perfektive.


Aziz Tuna Seyyar
Technical Coordinator, Medikal Akademik

It is a great advantage for us that Perfektive works on the Cloud. By using mobile application anywhere in the world, we can monitor the data of all our customers.

Volkan Patır

Volkan Patır
Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Group Manager, Karadeniz Holding

We are happy to use Perfektive software as Karadeniz Holding. It is very important for us that Türkgüven is able to provide rapid technical support. The ability to perform benchmarking with other companies that Türkgüven provides, and the ability to receive data accurately with quick and easy integration, has contributed greatly to our current system.

Starting to use a software is a very serious decision and affects your entire business. Success or failure depends on how effectively you manage this process.

Customer Specific Modelling

Starting to use a software is a very important and critical step. It shapes your work and completely changes the way you do business. This change, in our opinion, cannot be made by leaving the customer alone. We believe an occupational health and safety software is a service, not just a software purchase. We ensure that the transition to digitalization of your business’ processes are modelled together.

  • Uploading data from Excel file

  • Software onboarding support

  • Easily print all documents

  • Document management

  • On-site trainings

  • Easy to Use

  • Streamlined and integrated processes

  • Business intelligence


  • Comply with local legislation

  • Multi-site management and reporting

  • Different level of authority for users

  • Performance management of OHS professionals

  • Customer frontend for consulting firms

  • Modular structure

  • Cloud or on-premise options

  • Integration to HR systems

We know your needs.

We are working with Turkey’s largest companies in different sectors. We provide experience and knowledge with our experienced and professional team. We also integrate our customers’ experience and knowledge into the software. We are proud to be a company that shares experience and knowledge regarding occupational health and safety.

It is our goal to carry your company to the highest level possible. For this reason, we continue by constantly updating and improving ourselves.


    You can manage and streamline all occupational health and safety processes across the whole organization by monitoring occupational health and safety performance continuously with performance indicators, metrics and analytical reports.


    Perfektive is not a system that produces documents. Perfektive guides you with alerts by linking and streamlining occupational health and safety processes.


    Considering personal data confidentiality and the communication between occupational health physicians and occupational safety professionals, Perfektive offer features that you can use in medical screenings as well as clinical examinations.

  • Bilgi Güvenliği Politikası


    Perfektive is integrated to the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Health. Occupational health and safety professionals can submit safety trainings, medical examinations, prescriptions, etc. to the related government authorities.



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